They Say That Love Is Forever.
Wow personal stuffs.

There’s only one person who’s never let me down, never wronged me, that one person has made me fall for her countless times. She’s just like me but a girl. She’s absolutely fucking perfect and I’ve known her for almost five years now. What’s the problem then? She lives across the country. Strike that in another country. But honestly she’s the only girl I could ever picture myself taking the time to be in a long distance relationship with. Not to mention the only person I’ve ever seriously thought about it for. She’s absolutely beautiful even if she doesn’t think so sometimes I always think she is even without makeup without her hair done. She’s still perfect. Why can’t I just live near her so I can be happy for once and not have to deal with the bullshit living here gives me. Just hearing her voice on skype or FaceTime makes my day, pretty much makes my whole week better. She’s like my best friend too. But sigh distance is cruel.

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